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Course creation

Make visually clear knowledge transfers

Anyone can create an online course to share their expertise with the world!

You don't need to do it alone.

Visually clear courses are like picture worth a thousand words

It can be a webinar, workshop or a custom designed course.

The successful transfer of knowledge can happen online with right content with clear visuals

Want to know the best part? Even shorter timed videos make greater impact with visual clarity.

No more "Take 25". Its just "Action and Cut! "

Online Class
Virtual Team Meeting

The Process


Visual message discussion


Choice of course (short or long)




Content creation and Module delegation


Record videos


Video editing and testing


Upload videos to your portal 

" And your new visually clear online course  will be ready to transfer your knowledge "

Thinking of creating your
own recorded online course with clear process and visual messages for your clients ?

Book a 30 min discovery call if you need more clarity about creating your own course

You get to know about the :

      Course title choice

     Content creation insights

      Tips to record quality content

      Creating course with limited resources

      Timing the course

      Recording of the session

      Documents like checklist, process guides etc.,

A shortcut to complete your course actually saves your time.

Investment: $ 450 (90 MIN SESSION)

Want to work with me?

You can take a look at my offers....

Visually Clear Course Packages

Custom non - video visual clarity course

(For one course)

Custom visually clear video course

(For one course)

Define Your Course Concept

Course Outline

Plan of Your Content

Create Pricing and Enrollment options

Content recording tips and methods

Video editing

Supplementary Materials design

Upload and testing

Choice of title

Define Learning Objectives

 Curriculum Plan

Engaging Materials

Create Pricing and Enrollment options

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